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Nov 05, 2013 by Rhodes Peele

Augustine “Jim” Bertagnolli is one of the very best math majors ever at Auburn University at Montgomery (“AUM”) and there have been some very good ones. His impressive academic record and high GPA speaks for itself, so in this regard I will only comment on his performance in one class in which I was his instructor.

Jim was my student in an introductory course in number theory, a class in which there were several bright and hard-working students. In recent semesters, most of AUM’s math professors have required that the math majors in upper-level courses typeset their homework in LaTeX and submit it electronically. Jim was very good at doing this. His solutions were beautifully laid out and his technical writing style was outstanding. He also was usually the first student to complete a homework assignment. He really kept me on my toes – in fact, I found it a challenge to keep up with him! Jim was also a good role model for his classmates – rather than being envious, they tried to emulate him!

At some point, students of mathematics who want to become bona fide mathematicians must become creative. When I was a student, this usually happened (if it happened at all) in about the second or third year of graduate school. I do not think it is an exaggeration to claim that Mr. Bertagnolli is already a mathematician (although he will undoubtedly mature even more as time progresses). Here are two examples (I could cite several more) of Jim’s mathematical creativity: (1) His project on what he calls the “stick problem” is a topic of his own creation which falls under the general rubric of Ramsey-type problems in combinatorial mathematics. (2) His talk “From Final Three to Final n” at the 92nd annual meeting of the Southeastern Section of the MAA won a Patterson Award for undergraduate research. (There were more than 60 talks by undergraduates at this conference. The two students from AUM to give talks, Jim and Kev Johnson, both won Patterson awards, and AUM was the only college or university so honored.)

As is clear from the above paragraph, Mr. Bertagnolli can work independently on projects, but he is also an effective team member. Two examples: (1) He was a paid research assistant in an applied math project concerning heat transfer and PDE’s directed by Prof. Luis Cueva-Parra; and (2) as President of AUM’s math club, he has been an effective leader and his fertile imagination has suggested an interesting variety of activities and topics for the club’s weekly Friday afternoon meetings.

Jim maintains his own website that contains much more information about his mathematical projects than I can provide in a letter such as this.

Rhodes Peele
Associate Professor of Mathematics, AUM

Jim helped me alot!

Nov 04, 2013 by Hailey Park

I met Jim at the tutoring center. I was struggling with Physics and annoyed but Jim helped me to go through it! Since Im not good at math Jim came up with various creative way to help me to understand. He is very patient even though I don't understand physics right away. He is brilliant, smart and most importantly, willing to help, humble and communicative. I am very thankful for his help and friendship with Jim!

Oct 31, 2013 by Kev

When I first attended Math Club, Jim was the president. He always had creative ideas for Math problems and interesting ways to solve them. Jim is an expert in the field of Mathematics and has guided me in the way of the mathematician. We both presented research talks at the 2013 Southeastern Section Meeting of the MAA, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC, and we both won a Patterson Award for best undergraduate talk in our respective groups. Only eight awards were given, and of all the schools represented, two of the awards went to AUM students. Jim has been a phenomenal friend and guide, and we have been able to accomplish great things together. I am following in his footsteps as president of the Math Club this semester, and I hope that I can offer AUM students amazing opportunities as Jim did before me.

Oct 25, 2013 by Freida Warren

Jim worked for me as a Lab Assistant in the Math Lab. As the Lab Coordinator, I found him to be exemplary in every way: in his knowledge of the subject matter; in his communications with students who sought his help; in his promptness in carrying out his duties; and in his ability to work others and with me. Although I was the lab coordinator and he was my assistant, I often found myself learning alot from Jim. His wide range of interests and his deep understanding of mathematical concepts is impressive. He is and will continue to be an outstanding mathematician and an extremlely talented young man. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

A Gem!

Oct 25, 2013 by Safa

In addition to having a knack for explaining mathematical concepts, Jim’s humanity is exemplary. Jim doesn’t mind to quietly lead a confused student through a math solution while others are explaining the concept in a math club meeting. He is available when someone emails him a math problem and asks for his help. When tutoring students in math and physics, Jim invites them to join him on a journey through the unknown to discover new facts in a friendly atmosphere. It has been my privilege to have joined Jim in his multiple excursions in the land of facts and figures during the past few years.

Jim is amazing!

Oct 25, 2013 by Amy Ingram

Jim is a remarkable math consultant who receives high evaluations and recommendations from the students he tutors. In addition to being punctual and dependable, his knowledge of math, and the ability to pass that knowledge on to others, makes him a true asset to Auburn University at Montgomery. It is a pleasure to work with him.

from classmate and research colleague

Oct 25, 2013 by Derek Lathan

Jim was always good at throwing off the class curve haha. Seriously though, very intelligent and humble about it as well. Brought lots of interesting problems to the Math Club. Can deliver on a deadline as far as research is concerned. Will do what needs to be done to solve a problem.

Augustine Bertagnolli , USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 Augustine “Jim” Bertagnolli is one of the very best math majors ever at Auburn University at Montgomery (“AUM”) and there have been some very good ones. His impressive aca