Mauricio's Uterus Problem

Mauricio has an extremely rare condition. In fact, it is so rare that he is the only one in the world who has it or has ever had it: If he consumes more than 270 mg of fresh raw ginger juice in one day, he will explode the same day. In addition to this, if he doesn’t consume at least 150 mg of raw red raspberry leaf in a day, his uterus will hurt the next day. Just his luck, while looking for a general multivitamin, Mauricio finds the perfect one-a-day vitamin for the perfect price… or is it? The relevant portion of the label in question reads as follows:

Special Herbal Blend ---------------------------------------- 90 mg
(equivalent to 320 mg food and herbal powder)

Red Raspberry [Leaf] 2:1 Extract, Ginger [rhizome] Fresh Juice 10:1 Extract, Organic Spirulina

Assume Mauricio does not consume ginger or red raspberry leaf from any other source today. If he takes this vitamin today, will he explode? If no, will his uterus hurt tomorrow? Explain your answer(s) and show your work.